Creating A Team

Opportunities are available for individuals and small groups to serve. 

Looking for Team, Family, or Group Opportunities?

For team activities, you will need to create a team before registering for team activities.

A team is defined as a group of 2 or more individuals working on a shared task -- whether your team is made up of co-workers, family members, friends, or some other social group. 

How to Create a Team 

You will need the name and email address of each participant. 

Once you have gathered that information, click here to create your volunteer account, navigate to the opportunity you choose, and select "sign up with a team," then choose Option 2 to "create a new team" and add each participant’s name and contact information.  

If you already have an account, log in and proceed as above by selecting “sign up with a team.” 

If you have trouble, use the Contact Us button to email us for help.